Amber Heard Cheating On Johnny Depp With James Franco?

Amber Heard and James Franco are reportedly getting close on the set of the Adderall Diaries, which is making Johnny Depp jealous. At least, that’s what a new report from the National Enquirer claims. I’m not inclined to believe it though, because Johnny just looks too high to care. The dude’s still clearly in the […]

Johnny Depp Partying and Cheating Behind Amber Heard’s Back – Report

Is Johnny Depp cheating on Amber Heard, even as their wedding is getting closer? It’s only weeks until the big day, and Amber is also rumored to be pregnant, but will that stop Johnny Depp from partying if Johnny Depp wants to party? According to a recent report, Johnny’s and Amber’s close friends are worried […]

Johnny Depp Compares Reality TV Stars To An Accident No One Can Take their Eyes Off Of?!?

Now we all love ourselves some Johnny Depp, but the moment he opened his mouth to slam reality stars then I instantly had the same thought I always do when someone tries to dump on the Kardashians and their ilk – bitter much? Although this time Johnny had a right to be bitter. In a […]

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Had An Engagement Party: How Does Vanessa Paradis Feel?

Fourteen years and two children together didn’t do it, but a young, hot 27 year-old who was involved with another woman when they met, must have been just what Johnny Depp has been searching for all along, because he is dead serious about marrying fiancé Amber Heard. Depp, 50, famously broke off his longtime relationship with […]

Johnny Depp Engaged to Amber Heard: Planning The Wedding

Johnny Depp just could not wait till Valentine’s Day and decided to propose to his girlfriend Amber Heard at least that is what Us Magazine is reporting. Amber was spotted with a big rock on her ring finger and it has left the world speculating if Johnny had popped the question.  An insider for Us […]

Johnny Depp Ego Affected By Lone Ranger Failure?

Did Johnny Depp’s ego get affected by the massive failure of the Lone Ranger? That’s what the latest tabloid reports are making it seem like, and frankly, they’re completely believable. Before the Lone Ranger, Johnny may have had some missteps, but nothing this huge. He was the one who pushed the project forward when others […]

Amber Heard’s Interview With i-D Magazine interrupted by Johnny Depp

If you’d told me five years ago that I’d look down on Johnny Depp with derision and mockery, I’d have told you that you were crazy. Unfortunately, I would have been wrong. What happened, Johnny!??? He’s become the cliché that we always thought he would never become. Forget his clothing or his mannerisms, even his […]