Justin Bieber Wants To Be A Better Man – APOLOGY VIDEO

Justin Bieber really cares about what people think of him and he definitely wants to be a better person all the way around. It’s not a bad undertaking for Justin to want to be better than he was. He was kind of a twatwaffle to start with when he rose to fame. So for him […]

Justin Bieber Is Blonde Now (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber just out-douched about everyone on the planet with his new look. The singer took to his Twitter account to let fans know that he uploaded a picture to his Fahlo account. He tweeted, “Left something for you on my @OfficialFahlo #blondebieber http://t.co/srlkGAsiZv”. Unfortunately, when clicked, fans (and non-fans alike) were greeted with the […]