Kim Kardashian Talks Adoption And Surrogacy


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are ready to have their next child, but according to Kim, she’s having difficulty getting pregnant for a second time. We’ve heard rumors about her difficulty in conceiving, we’ve seen the plot play out on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and now, Kim herself is coming out and admitting that […]

Kim Kardashian Using Fertility Troubles For Show Ratings

Kim Kardashian At A Studio In West Hollywood

Surprise, surprise, Kim Kardashian is reportedly using her fertility troubles for ratings. We already know that she’s not averse to using everything from sex tapes to babies to gaining more publicity, so of course she’s going to use her fertility issues to gain sympathy – and views! According to a new report from Radar Online, […]

Kim Kardashian Taking Break From Trying For Pregnancy

Semi-Exclusive... Kim Kardashian & North Catch A Flight Out Of Paris

Kim Kardashian is reportedly taking a break from trying to get pregnant with Kanye West’s child. Yes, most people didn’t even know that Kim and Kanye were trying for another child, but there’s the Kardashians for ya. To be fair, Kanye West has always been vocal about wanting lots of children, and I think the […]

Kim Kardashian Admits She And Kanye West Trying For Second Baby

Kim Kardashian Stops By A Botox Clinic

There are pregnancy rumors surrounding Kim Kardashian, which we took as her desperate attempt to steal the limelight back from Kate Middleton‘s pregnancy announcement. But as a desperate D-list famewhore, Kim decided to take to Australia’s The Today Show [since nobody in the US cared] and discuss the rumors, admitting that she and Kanye West […]

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Dumped By Kanye West


It was going to be a really bumpy road for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s relationship after swapping vows back in late May. He considers himself to be up there with the likes of Jesus and Gandhi and Kim just looks good on his arm. She was likely too self absorbed to realize the kind […]