Rob Kardashian Very Depressed, Failed Family Intervention

Fat Rob Kardashian Arriving On A Flight At LAX

Rob Kardashian is currently at war with the rest of his family, which means a lot of tweets and Instagram photos decrying his sisters and his mother. In fact, he recently compared Kim Kardashian to the psycho killer from Gone Girl, so we know that his family relations have clearly deteriorated beyond the point of […]

Kim Kardashian Using Fertility Troubles For Show Ratings

Kim Kardashian At A Studio In West Hollywood

Surprise, surprise, Kim Kardashian is reportedly using her fertility troubles for ratings. We already know that she’s not averse to using everything from sex tapes to babies to gaining more publicity, so of course she’s going to use her fertility issues to gain sympathy – and views! According to a new report from Radar Online, […]

Kim Kardashian Wearing Partial Wig, Didn’t Dye Her Hair Blonde

Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2015/2016 - Louis Vuitton Show

Kim Kardashian has been making waves with her new, platinum blonde hair. However, sources have been telling Radar Online that Kim’s hair isn’t actually fully blonde, but only partially blonde. According to the report, Kim has actually been wearing a partial wig! Well, duh. Of course Kim Kardashian will go to any lengths to alter […]

Kim Kardashian Had Fillers In Her Nose, Cheek, And Chin – Excessive Plastic Surgery?

Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2015/2016 - Louis Vuitton Show

Kim Kardashian is atrocious at self-control, especially when it comes to plastic surgery. According to a new report from US Weekly, Kim has been going overboard on the fillers, especially when it comes to her cheeks, her nose, and her chin. The truth is, it’s starting to show on her face. I mean, Kim Kardashian […]

Kim Kardashian Taking Break From Trying For Pregnancy

Semi-Exclusive... Kim Kardashian & North Catch A Flight Out Of Paris

Kim Kardashian is reportedly taking a break from trying to get pregnant with Kanye West’s child. Yes, most people didn’t even know that Kim and Kanye were trying for another child, but there’s the Kardashians for ya. To be fair, Kanye West has always been vocal about wanting lots of children, and I think the […]