Kris Jenner Was A Monster Mom: Made Khloe Kardashian Exercise At 4

The Kardashians Hosting A Yard Sale To Benefit Charities

Finally what we have all believe about Kris Jenner is coming out, she is a monster.   Last week news broke that Kris wanted her daughter Khloe to have a nose job at nine-years-old.  We know it is true because Khloe let the cat out of the bag to Cosmopolitan saying, “When I was around 9, I […]

Robert Kardashian’s Secret Diaries Expose The Truth: Kris Jenner’s Is A Monster


The current issue of IN TOUCH reveals the cover story, “A Mother’s Darkest Secrets Exposed!”  In a bombshell story the magazine claims this week that they have the details of Robert Karadshian, Kris Jenner’s late first husband’s secret diaries.  In the diaries Robert reveals how Mom Kris made her daughter’s life a living hell.