Kris Jenner Refuses To Comment On Bruce Jenner’s Transgender Sex Change – Report

The whole world already knows that Bruce Jenner is getting a transgender sex change, largely because Bruce went public with the news via People and US Weekly a few weeks back. The sex change has been rumored for many, many months, especially since Bruce made no effort to hide all the physical changes he was […]

Kris Jenner Furious At Bruce Jenner For Going Public With Sex Change – Report

Even though most of Bruce Jenner’s family is happy for him after he went public with his transgender sex change, there is one person that is still seething: Bruce’s ex-wife, Kris Jenner. According to reports, Kris Jenner was the main reason that Bruce remained silent about his desire to become a women for so many […]

Kris Jenner Files for Divorce, Sells Clothes on eBay

It’s Tuesday, so that means it’s time for Stunting With the Kardashians! Kris Jenner filed for divorce yesterday so Bruce Jenner could brush his extensions and polish his stud (earrings) in peace. Kris is a total pro and didn’t miss a beat. She made no mention of the official end of her marriage and pimped […]