LeAnn Rimes Acting Unstable Again – Is She On The Way TO Rehab Again? (Photos)

LeAnn Rimes seems to have suffered another breakdown and her friends are worried that the only way they can get her back to her stable condition is through rehab. The singer has been making constant headlines in the last few months as her feud with her husband’s ex-wife, Brandi Glanville, continues to grow. The Real Housewives starlet wrote a […]

Brandi Glanville To LeAnn Rimes: Your Break Down Is Selling My Book, Thanks!

Karma! By now we’ve all see Giuliana Rancic interview LeAnn Rimes for the E! Special LeAnn Rimes. In it, LeAnn breaks down crying about the people she and now husband Eddie Cibrian hurt during the early days of their relationship. In a weird twist, LeAnn actually tries to justify the affair, saying that she couldn’t […]

LeAnn Rimes Claims She Is Perfectly Healthy and Just Dealing With Confidence Issues

After a week of the media spinning speculative stories, LeAnn Rimes has decided to speak out from within the walls of a treatment center, to let everyone know just how happy and healthy she is.  Last week she was said to have had a mental meltdown due to cyber bullying- or her husband, Eddie Cibrian, […]

Breaking News: LeAnn Rimes Enters Treatment Facility

Singer LeAnn Rimes has entered a treatment facility, now don’t get get excited her rep Marcel Pariseau confirms it is not for drug abuse nor is it for her body issues it’s to deal with anxiety and stress. People has the exclusive, “LeAnn has voluntarily entered a 30 day in-patient treatment facility to cope with […]