Lil Twist is Felony Suspect after Robbing, Beating, and Pantsing Kyle Massey’s Brother Chris Massey

Lil Twist is Felony Suspect after Robbing, Beating, and Pantsing Kyle Massey’s Brother Chris Massey

Disney actor and former Dancing with the Stars favorite Kyle Massey better be more careful about who he allows brother Chris Massey to invite over to his place, and friends of Justin Bieber should automatically be on the “banned forever” list.

On Friday night, Chris Massey had guests over at Kyle’s place including Bieber-hanger-on Lil Twist. All was well until the two had an argument and Chris kicked Twist out of the apartment. Lil Twist, just 21, quickly turned into Lil Criminal after returning to the apartment with four friends (whose names likely started with “big” instead of “lil”) and proceeded to beat up Chris with brass knuckles. Twist and crew then stole Chris’ wallet and cell phone, and even pantsed the Zoey 101 star reports TMZ. He was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated.

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Lil Twist Cuts Off Ties With Justin Bieber’s Team, Tells Scooter Braun To F**K Off For Damaged Public Image

Lil Twist Cuts Off Ties With Justin Bieber's Team, Tells Scooter Braun To F**K Off For Damaged Public Image

How good of a manager is Scooter Braun? He’s managed to launch Justin Bieber‘s career to the top of the stratosphere, but how much good can he do when Justin is hellbent on destroying his own public image? Well, according to Lil Twist, he can also blame Justin’s recent antics on Justin’s friends.

Lil Twist claimed in a long and extensive Twitter rant [which is difficult to take seriously when there are so many grammatical errors] that Scooter was the reason his image took a hit in the public, especially because Scooter was blaming him and Lil Za for being bad influences on Justin. Read More Here »

Justin Bieber Gives Lil Za and Lil Twist The Boot After They Stole His Jewelry

Justin Bieber Gives Lil Za and Lil Twist The Boot After They Stole His Jewelry

Is Justin Bieber finally learning his lesson? According to a breaking report from TMZ, Justin Bieber has finally decided to kick out Lil Za and Lil Twist from his home, not because they’re shamelessly using him for drugs and money, but because they might have stolen some expensive jewelry. It’s nice to know that Justin has his priorities straight…. not. I suppose the fact that he kicked them out at all is an achievement in itself.

Sources explain that Justin discovered the missing jewelry earlier this month, and realized they were ‘nowhere to be found’. However, both Lil Za and Lil Twist, the freeloaders that they are, had been staying at Justin’s house and threw a couple of parties in his absence. While Justin doesn’t necessarily blame Za or Twist [that sounds like a club] for stealing his jewelry, he has held them responsible considering it happened on their watch. He reportedly decided to kick them out for good, despite their protests of innocence.

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Lil Twist Back in The Headlines – Did he Assault a Woman At Justin Bieber’s Home?

Lil Twist Back in The Headlines – Did he Assault a Woman At Justin Bieber's Home?

Lil Twist is at it again. For some reason the rich and the famous always believe they can get away with a crime. Well someone should tell Lil Twist he’s neither rich nor famous so he better man up for once and stop trying to hide behind Justin Bieber.

Lil twist has been accused by a unknown woman for allegedly grabbing her and trying to force her to stay at his good ole pal Justin’s house. No, Justin wasn’t there.  Just  was most likely with Selena Gomez at the time of incident.

According to TMZ, “Law enforcement sources tell us … the woman who filed the report claims she was hanging out at Bieber’s home around 3:30 AM Thursday morning — Bieber was NOT there btw — when she decided it was time to leave.”

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Lil Twist Justin Bieber’s Friend Booked for DUI This Morning

Lil Twist Justin Bieber's Friend Booked for DUI This Morning

Well, this is one of those arrests that was pretty inevitable! I’m talking about Justin Bieber‘s best pal, Lil Twist, of course. Christopher Lynn Moore (AKA twist) was booked for a DUI after being pulled over on the Parkway Calabasas at about 3:30 this morning.  I’m sure this little nugget will come as a shock to no one familiar with Twist in recent months. He and Biebs have been pushing the envelope speeding through their gated Calabasas community, partying hard until fights break out and of course there’s the fact that Twist’s blunt rolling skills are already legendary.

This dude was bound to get busted for something sooner rather than later. He and Justin have been running around like they are both bullet proof for months, with no regard for laws or common courtesy. Twist has also been spotted out with Kylie Jenner an awful lot in recent days. Kris Jenner’s head must be spinning, between Kylie’s underage pal being busted and Khloe Kardashian’s husband having a violent outburst yesterday in LA, she’s doing major damage control and no doubt laying down the law for her family! Read More Here »

Lil Za Denies Introducing Justin Bieber To Sizzurp, Says He Doesn’t Even Know What It Is

justin bieber lil za

Lil Za is a little cheeky bastard, ain’t he? The rapper, who has not released any albums yet… but claims to be a rapper, was spotted in Beverly Hills last night and he was quick to deny reports that photos have been going about where Justin Bieber, Za and Lil Twist can all be seen “surrounded” by the sizzurp drank (yes, sizzurp drank). The liquid drug has an immediate effect on your body, getting you high almost instantly. Read More Here »

Justin Bieber Goes From Smoking Pot to Codeine – Photos Drinking Sizzurp Leaked

Semi-Exclusive... Justin Bieber Goes for a Horse Ride

If you were under the impression that Justin Bieber’s drug experimentation is limited to weed, well you’d be dead wrong. Even he can’t deny being a pothead after the latest pics hit the internet. In them Justin, Lil Za and Lil Twist are rolling blunts and having a great time. Nothing too shocking there. We already know that Justin is running with this crew and rather than rapping being Twist’s main talent, he is supposed to be the very best around at rolling blunts.

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Justin Bieber Sleeping With Nursing Student Again — The Same Chick Selena Told Him To Stay Away From

Justin Bieber Shops For Sneakers In Miami

Justin Bieber has been getting it in – HALLELUJAH! According to reports, JB has been living life to the fullest as he supposedly cheated on Selena Gomez with nursing student Milyn “Mimi” Jensen, and now he’s back in touch with her to get some more of those goodies. RadarOnline says Milyn was the reason Selena split from Bieber – the Disney starlet found out about their romp and immediately called it quits on the 18-year old. Read More Here »

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