Will.i.Am Defends Justin Bieber’s Crazy Behavior: “He’s A Good Kid At Heart”

Semi-Exclusive... Grumpy Justin Bieber Woke Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed!!

Black Eyed Peas member, will.i.am, has come to Justin Bieber‘s defense afte the crazy week he has had; the paparazzi fight, trying to get into a nightclub with Jaden Smith who is fourteen years old, the list goes on and on. Now, Will has said that Bieber isn’t to blame for his antics, it’s actually “the world”, assuming he’s referring to the media.  Read More Here »

Justin Bieber Slams Reports He’ll Never Return To The UK After Certain Incidents Over The Week

Semi-Exclusive... Grumpy Justin Bieber Woke Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed!!

Justin Bieber has slammed reports that he will never return to the UK after getting himself in trouble with a photographer and having received a great amount of backlash for arriving late at his show last week at the o2 Arena. Parents were furious that they had to wait an additional two hours before he arrived on stage, but by then, many had already left and demanded their money back — the show supposedly went on til 11PM. Read More Here »

Adele And Jennifer Lawrence Are New BFFs: Advising Jen On Where To Live In London

Adele Video Music Awards

Wowza! Since Adele came to America in January, everyone has been up her butt crack; Jennifer Aniston, Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Chris Brown — the list goes on and on, but now it seems that Jennifer Lawrence has joined that category of suck-ups, too. The actress is said to have become very good friends with the British-born starlet after this year’s Oscars.

The two have been in contact ever since and have even been meeting up for drinks together; Adele doesn’t know Los Angeles too well so having Jennifer by her side has really helped her get to know the city a little bit more. But most importantly, she has made another A-list friend. Good news for her, right? Ha. Read More Here »

Justin Bieber Has A Chat With Will Smith, Thanks Him For Being Understanding

Semi-Exclusive... Grumpy Justin Bieber Woke Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed!!

Will Smith has had a little chat with Justin Bieber regarding the incident that occured last week when Jaden Smith supposedly tried to make his way into a nightclub at the age of just fourteen. Note, his father was flying out to London at the time, but once he landed and saw how much press attention it had gotten, Will was clearly worried on what had happend.

Bieber has really acted like a fool in the last couple of days in London, even trying to fight a paparazzo after he was told to f**k off back to America, which we found hilariously funny! Read More Here »

Kylie Jenner Dating Jaden Smith, Kris Jenner Confirms It All

Kylie Jenner Dating Jaden Smith, Kris Jenner Confirms It All

Kylie Jenner is dating Jaden Smith, sources confirmed, and it’s starting to look like it runs in the family. The two have been enjoying several dinner dates across the pond in London as they take a short vacation from the madness over in Los Angeles — the paparazzi in the UK is less aggressive when it comes to celebrities, that’s for sure.

By the looks of things, seeing that Kylie is 15-years old and Jaden is fourteen, the little fella is making a move on an older girl. How adorable. Ha. In recent months, we have seen Will Smith’s son make several visits over to the Kardashian house, while he also attended Kendall Jenner’s birthday party Read More Here »

Justin Timberlake Loves London So Much, He’s Considering Moving To The UK


Justin Timberlake could be relocating to London very, very soon after describing how much he loves spending time in Britain. The former N’SYNC member says that coming to the UK is like coming home, he feels that his fans overseas are so much more passionate about his music and he just seems to love receiving the vibe that the Brits tend to give him. But what the heck would Jessica Biel make of it?!  Read More Here »

Taylor Swift Flies To London In Hopes To Reconcile With Harry Styles — Will He Take Her Back?

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift

What does she see in him anyway? Taylor Swift has reportedly flown to Luton in her private jet before heading to a luxurious London hotel near Harry Styles‘ home in hopes that the two can get back together and talk it out. The country singer dumped the One Direction member after a heated argument three weeks ago, but according to reports, Taylor regrets making that decision very much and wants to apologize.  Read More Here »

One Direction’s Niall Horan Purchases $3.4 Million Property, Named Most Popular 1D Member

Niall Horan Spends MILLIONS On New Home

Niall Horan should use Nene Leakes catchphrase: “I’m rich, I’m very, very rich,” because just under a year, Horan has cashed in over $10 million and made his first big purchase on a property in London, formerly owned by British boy band star Marvin Humes. Niall, who is currently promoting Take Me Home alongside his group members all over the world, managed to find the time to put his money to good use following the news that Harry Styles and Zayn Malik had also bought multi-million dollar homes in the UK.

A source says that when the property went up for market, Niall supposedly didn’t waste time on purchasing it: “After marrying Rochelle, Marvin’s beloved pad was no longer needed – so he put it on the market and it was quickly snapped up by Niall. He loves the place and was determined to get on the property ladder. He hopes it’s the start of a proper housing portfolio – especially now he’s not short of a few bob.”

Meanwhile, Amazon has revealed a percentage of what the sales are for the One Direction dolls which went on sale last year. While Harry topped the list last year, Horan quickly took over with a percentage of 25.2%. “It’s no longer the foppish curls of Harry but the Irish charm of Niall that seems to be a hit with One Direction fans,” Amazon’s Ulrike Wingenter-Davey told The Sun.

1. Niall Horan – 25.2%
2. Louis Tomlinson – 21.3%
3. Harry Styles – 20.4%
4. Zayn Malik – 19.3%
5. Liam Payne – 13.7%

1. Harry Styles – 35.5%
2. Niall Horan – 17.9%
3. Zayn Malik -16.2%
4. Louis Tomlinson – 15.7%
5. Liam Payne – 14.7%

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