Marilyn Monroe Sex Tape Featuring John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy To Be Released


In what could be the biggest blockbuster movie of the year, TMZ reports a sex tape featuring Marilyn Monroe is set to hit the auction block. Williams Castleberry, who claims to have the tape, is finally ready to part with the sensational piece of history in an effort to save his home from foreclosure. Castleberry, […]

Lindsay Lohan to Sue Marilyn Monroe, Huh?

Lindsay Lohan Leaves The Court

Just when I think that Lindsay Lohan can’t possibly get any crazier she goes and outdoes herself and at this point, that’s certainly not an easy thing to do!  Since Lindsay obviously feels very at home tangled in legal proceedings she has thought nothing of suing Marilyn Monroe over the 6126 trademark. A few years […]

Secret life of Marilyn Monroe revealed in new book by Mary Jane Popp

Secret life of Marilyn Monroe revealed in new book by Mary Jane Popp

Author Mary Jane Popp has released a new book, “Marilyn, Joe and Me”, that delves into the romance between sports great and Yankee clipper Joe DiMaggio and starlet Marilyn Monroe. Their courtship was kept largely secret, and DiMaggio refused interviews about their relationship. However, Popp was able to get an inside look at the courtship […]

‘My Week With Marilyn’ Official Trailer is Here

My Week With Marilyn - Movie Poster

Michelle Wiliams stars in this drama/biography about Marilyn Monroe and wow does she pull off the part perfectly!  My Week With Marilyn opens on November 4th (limited) and in my opinion, is a must see. In the early summer of 1956, 23 year-old Colin Clark (Eddie Redmayne), just down from Oxford and determined to make […]