Zayn Malik Furious At Matt Lauer And Today Show For Drug Comments – Report

The Royal Variety Performance

Zayn Malik is furious that Matt Lauer [via the Today Show] made very public accusations against him regarding drug use. However, if the ‘Today Show’ is making accusations against a world famous singer for taking drugs, then they probably received an excellent tip-off.

That means that either the sources were right and Zayn Malik is in some serious trouble with drug abuse – or someone close to the One Direction camp is purposefully trying to sabotage their careers. Honestly, knowing the music industry, either one is possible.

Either way, both Zayn Malik and his One Direction bandmates are annoyed that these rumors are being spread about him. Matt Lauer straight up asked Zayn’s bandmates, “There have been rumors of substance abuse. What’s going on?”

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Pippa Middleton “Felt Bullied” By Public After Kate Middleton And Prince William’s Wedding

Pippa Middleton "Felt Bullied" By Public After Kate Middleton And Prince William's Wedding

NBC has been promoting their Matt Lauer interview with Pippa Middleton as though it’s capable of saving the world. As IF, Pippa. I’m not really sure why she’s still relevant enough to warrant an entire interview on Today to herself, but I guess being Kate Middleton‘s sister continues to pay off for her.

Anyway, we’ve gotten snippets from the interview so far, and needless to say, Pippa Middleton’s working hard to seem relatable to the masses – even if she’s doing a terrible job at it. First of all, she claims that she underestimated the size and scale of the royal wedding, claiming that it was just a ‘family wedding‘ to her. Um, seriously? So she didn’t see the million people waiting outside, or the billion cameras pointing at them, or the fact that the wedding was in a FREAKING PALACE. Plus, it’s not as though she didn’t take full advantage of that fact, wearing that dress and unintentionally stealing the limelight from her sister. Read More Here »

Kathie Lee Gifford Threatens To Leave The Today Show If They Fire Matt Lauer

Kathie Lee Gifford Threatens To Leave The Today Show If They Fire Matt Lauer

It sounds like Kathie Lee Gifford is that girl that you want in your corner when everyone else has turned their back. The star of the Today Show’s 4th hour is staunchly supportive of Matt Lauer, the man who has been accused of orchestrating Ann Curry’s firing from the show last June. Anne has gathered a petition filled with signatures of NBC employees that full support the troubled anchor who came under fire because he seemed to support Ann’s being let go.

Truthfully, we’ve never really heard much of Matt’s side of the story because as his popularity has plummeted he still has opted to keep his mouth shut and take a higher road. Kathie Lee decided to become his mouth piece and even offered to have the petition published with all of its signatures in a major newspaper. According to the June 10th print edition of GLOBE Matt has greatly appreciated Kathie’s loyalty but thought that kind of action was unnecessary.

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Matt Lauer Is Being Abused By Fans

Matt Lauer Is Being Abused By Fans

It’s a fact that Matt Lauer had a crappy 2012. With only a few days to go before the calendar flips and we welcome in 2013 with Tequila shots and wind-drooling, there’s not another person on the planet who is more excited to see 2012 come to a deafening close as much as Lauer. According to several reports, Lauer went from most-loved to most-hated within a matter of months. In late-2012, Lauer was blamed for getting rid of Ann Curry on The Today Show and for the horrible ratings on the popular television production. Now, according to TMZ, Lauer is a miserable little man who faces constant public scrutiny after his annus horribilis.

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Matt Lauer Overrated Much?!

OMG.  Matt Lauer thinks that he is more valuable that NBC has be letting on.  He’s been getting a salary of $17 million a year.  Well, he’s allegedly been planning to quit when his contract expires in December.  Well, it turns out, he was just holding out for more money.  Either that, or as TMZ said, he’s jealous at the thought of Ryan Seacrest taking his spot and erasing his “thunder”…..  Read More Here »

LOOK: Kate Hudson Has A HUGE Engagement Ring

Kate Hudson just announced that she and baby daddy Matthew Bellamy are engaged, well now we’ve got a close up on her rock.  And wow.  It’s gorgeous!  Love it!

What do you think?

Photos: AP

Kate Hudson Engaged To Matthew Bellamy

No big surprise here.  Kate Hudson was on the Today show this morning chatting with Matt Lauer when he complimented her ring……from Matthew Bellamy.

“I’m engaged!” she said. “It just happened a week ago. I’m so glad you noticed. I haven’t really announced it. … I was waiting for someone to notice.”

She didn’t give any details away…just,

“It was very sweet. It was very romantic.”

Congrats to the happy couple!

Photo: People

Katie Couric Returning To ‘Today’ Show As Meredith’s Replacement?

Seriously?  It’s not set in stone as of yet.  But Katie Couric is for sure leaving the CBS Evening News, and she’s in talks with the other networks for a new job.  Couric will be on the Today show on Wednesday to promote her new book and of course Matt Lauer will be the one interviewing her.

Funny or Die: Katie Couric Investigates The ‘Sillies’ Video

Couric is already in talks with NBC to make the return, right now they are saying if it happens, it wouldn’t be full time.  Huh?  Why not?  Couric was Meredith Vieira‘s replacement, so why not switch back?  It would actually sort of make sense, in a really twisted way.

What do you think?  Would you want Couric and Lauer back together?


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