Patrick Schwarzenegger And Miley Cyrus Done – Patrick Moving On With Rita Ora?

Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miley Cyrus have been dating for several months, but there’s always been an expiry date on their relationship. Patrick’s parents are openly disapproving of Miley, and unfortunately for Miley, that’s largely due to her, ahem, partying lifestyle. So in that regard, it makes sense that Patrick would be open to having a […]

Miley Cyrus: Pregnant And Headed To Rehab (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus is pregnant and headed to rehab for drug treatment according to the cover of the latest edition of “Life & Style” magazine. If the rumors of a pregnancy are true, then Patrick Schwarzenegger needs to step up and handle his business. Certainly Maria Shriver wouldn’t allow her son to have a kid with […]

Miley Cyrus Claims She Still ‘Loves’ Liam Hemsworth – Will They Get Back Together?

Miley Cyrus was recently interviewed by Australian show ‘Sunday Night’, and maybe it was because it was the Australian connection, but she opened up about her ex-fiance, Liam Hemsworth, in a manner that she’d been avoiding for the past few months. She ended up saying, “I love Liam, Liam loves me.” She also opens up […]

Miley Cyrus Discusses Using The VMA Awards To Spotlight Philanthropic Work For Homeless

Miley Cyrus shocked everyone at the VMA Awards yesterday when she used her win to showcase the plight of the homeless in our country, as opposed to generating another twerking fiasco. She brought along a friend named Jesse, who was actually one of the homeless people that they were advocating. He gave a very nervous […]

Demi Lovato Nude Twitter Photos Leaked – Wilmer Valderrama Twitter Hacked

It was only a couple months ago, in April, when headlines roared about a nude photo leak featuring none other than Disney sweetheart, Demi Lovato. It was especially salacious because Demi has shared a long-time battle with bulimia and continues to fight for those struggling with eating disorders. Demi created even more headlines after criticizing […]

Miley Cyrus Ugly Jealous Fit – Disses Selena Gomez After Much Music Awards Win

It’s become exceedingly obvious that Miley Cyrus does not like Selena Gomez. We could have guessed as much after she sang FU to a cardboard cutout of Selena during her concert, but she’s not even making an effort to reign in her disdain. When losing Favorite International Artist/Group to Selena Gomez during the 2014 MuchMusic […]