Kanye West Temper Tantrum Attacks TMZ Photographer At LAX (VIDEO)

By this stage is anyone surprised Kanye West had another freak out. Come on, he never looks happy seeing photographers unless he’s trying to promote his “fashion sense.”  The only major shocker here is that he might have been thinking of someone besides himself for a change. The photogs were snapping away photos of Kanye […]

Lil Twist Justin Bieber’s Friend Booked for DUI This Morning

Well, this is one of those arrests that was pretty inevitable! I’m talking about Justin Bieber‘s best pal, Lil Twist, of course. Christopher Lynn Moore (AKA twist) was booked for a DUI after being pulled over on the Parkway Calabasas at about 3:30 this morning.  I’m sure this little nugget will come as a shock […]

David Bowie Slept With Mick Jagger, Ex-Wife Confirms

David Bowie‘s ex-wife has claimed that her former husband had romped rock legend Mick Jagger. Angie Bowie finally came out to recall the time she came home and discovered the two in bed together back in 1973; the two were said to have been completely wasted, but she’s sure that the two got it on […]

Rick Ross Shot At In Florida, Was It A Publicity Stunt?

Rapper Rick Ross or Rick Ro$$ escaped death this morning while in Fort Lauderdale, Florida or did he?  Rick was driving his Rolls Royce and “dozens” of shots were fired at the vehicle around 5AM.  None of the shots hit the Rolls. Several buildings in the area were hit by gunfire.  The Rolls Royce smashed […]

Britney Spears Previews New Music Video, Set To Premiere This Week On X Factor

She’s baaaaaaack! It’s been a year or so since we last saw Britney Spears shoot a music video, but now that she has landed the role as a judge on X Factor and her popularity is rising high, she had to release something to please her fans. The singer collaborated with Black Eyed Peas frontman […]

Lil Wayne To Retire After Two More Albums, Says His Success Can’t Go On Forever

All good things come to an end, right? Lil Wayne has said that he wants to retire after the next two studio albums are released. The rapper who has been in the music industry since he was 8-years old, has enjoyed commercial success with all of his albums reaching platinum status, and branched out to […]

Puppies, 50’s Inspired Photo Shoot, and One Direction

One Direction can easily be labeled as the biggest boy band of our generation. After their short stint on X-Factor UK, the boys quickly climbed the charts to become one of the hottest selling pop groups of the past decade. Their superstar good looks and fit vocals gave them a smattering of female (and male) […]

The Wanted On Their Relationship With One Direction: ‘We’re Not The Best Of Friends’

It didn’t take long til there would be some kind of rivalry between The Wanted and One Direction. The two British groups enjoyed success when both of their songs ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ and ‘Glad You Came’ climbed the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Though it seemed that everyone was getting along, we were wrong. The […]