Angelina Jolie’s Wild Sex Confessions Caught On Tape By Her Former Drug Dealer


If you followed celeb news back in the late 90’s then you already know that Angelina Jolie was one of the wildest actresses out there. She was known for her drug use, crazy sexual antics and self abuse in every other way imaginable. Back then Angie liked being thought of as a wild child and […]

Melanie Griffiths Caught Antonio Banderas Cheating With 12 Other Women

The more we learn about Melanie Griffiths marriage to Antonio Banderas the more it seems that girlfriend should have pulled the plug many moons ago. Antonio has always been rumored to be a womanizer but the fact that these two had a smoking hot romance seemed to calm the rumors and led most of us […]

Kelly Ripa Furious Over Husband Mark Consuelos’ TV Hookup (PHOTO)


The cover story of this week’s National Enquirer claims that Kelly Ripa is furious at husband Mark Consuelos‘ TV hookup. A source tells the Enquirer, “Kelly Ripa is furious over the ‘other woman’ her husband Mark Consuelos has been hooking up with in erotic scenes on his new Internet TV show. Mark can’t stop talking about his Alpha House […]

Miranda Lambert Stomach Stapling Procedure For Weight Loss? (PHOTO)


According to the latest cover issue of the National Enquirer, Miranda Lambert‘s weight loss is anything but natural. It always seemed somewhat suspect considering she lost thirty pounds in three months, but the Enquirer suggests that Miranda’s slimmed down appearance is due to a stomach stapling procedure. Miranda allegedly used to weigh 135 pounds, and […]

Carrie Underwood And Brad Paisley Having an Affair? (PHOTO)


The latest cover of the National Enquirer may be exploitative, but no one can accuse them of not grabbing attention. They’ve devoted their entire front cover to an issue on ‘Celebrity Body Disasters!’, featuring some truly horrendous pictures of celebrities in bikinis. And to make the public buy the magazine, they’ve covered the faces so […]