Ed Sheeran Dating A Pussy Cat Doll: Nicole Sherzinger Comforted By Pop Star After Lewis Hamilton Break-Up

Ed Sheeran Dating A Pussy Cat Doll: Nicole Sherzinger Comforted By Pop Star After Lewis Hamilton Break-Up

Is Ed Sheeran dating a Pussycat Doll!? Ed Sheeran is always rumored to be dating some celeb or another, but the latest gossip from the rumor mill is that the 24-year-old pop star is hooking up with 37-year-old Nicole Scherzinger. Nicole recently broke up with her longtime boyfriend Lewis Hamilton, and apparently found comfort in […]

Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton Have Broken Up

"Jack Reacher" London Premiere

Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton have broken up, according to The Sun. The twosome who have been together since they first met at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2007 have reportedly ended their romance together due to their working schedules that’s keeping them apart for too long. While the former Pussycat Dolls is busy […]

Nicole Scherzinger: “I’d Be Much More Successful If I Was A Slut”

Nicole Scherzinger has admitted that she think she could be much more successful with her music career if she was sluttier like the rest of the girls in the pop industry. She didn’t name names, but we’re sure she was thinking of Rihanna, Madonna and Lady Gaga when she said this, don’t you? Ha.

Pussycat Dolls’ Ashley Roberts Still Hoping For An Upcoming Reunion: ‘I’ve Heard Nothing’

ashley roberts

Former Pussycat Dolls starlet Ashley Roberts is still praying to God that Nicole Scherzinger will come to her senses and reunite with the group, who still happen to be pissed on how controling she was during their time together. Nicole stole all the limelight, supposedly sang 95% of all the songs and made the most […]

The Claws Are Out: Nicole Scherzinger and Kimberly Wyatt Avoided Each Other At X Factor Taping

Kimberly Wyatt And Nicole Scherzinger Didn't Talk On X Factor

Wow, so it really does seem true to what Carmit Bachar had been telling the press last week. X Factor UK judge Nicole Scherzinger avoided being seen with former band mate Kimberly Wyatt at Sunday’s taping, it has been reported. Scherzinger wanted nothing to do with Kimberly who was there to talk about the contestants […]