Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton Have Broken Up

Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton Have Broken Up

Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton have broken up, according to The Sun. The twosome who have been together since they first met at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2007 have reportedly ended their romance together due to their working schedules that’s keeping them apart for too long. While the former Pussycat Dolls is busy filming X Factor UK, Lewis is held up at the Grand Prix and can’t seem to find time to fly back and forth to see his girlfriend.

Though the couple were supposedly talking about marriage plans earlier this year, working commitments are still both of their number one priorities. Scherzinger wasn’t going to do another year of X Factor for its forthcoming season because she had already felt like she was drifting away from Hamilton who she never found time to see whilst being on the show, but after Simon Cowell offered her a pay rise from $1 million to $1.5 million, Nicole couldn’t refuse. Read More Here »

Nicole Scherzinger: “I’d Be Much More Successful If I Was A Slut”

Kimberly Wyatt And Nicole Scherzinger Didn't Talk On X Factor

Nicole Scherzinger has admitted that she think she could be much more successful with her music career if she was sluttier like the rest of the girls in the pop industry. She didn’t name names, but we’re sure she was thinking of Rihanna, Madonna and Lady Gaga when she said this, don’t you? Ha. Read More Here »

Pussycat Dolls’ Ashley Roberts Still Hoping For An Upcoming Reunion: ‘I’ve Heard Nothing’

ashley roberts

Former Pussycat Dolls starlet Ashley Roberts is still praying to God that Nicole Scherzinger will come to her senses and reunite with the group, who still happen to be pissed on how controling she was during their time together. Nicole stole all the limelight, supposedly sang 95% of all the songs and made the most money out of all of them, so of course, you’re going to be pissed when you’re working just as hard as her.  Read More Here »

The Claws Are Out: Nicole Scherzinger and Kimberly Wyatt Avoided Each Other At X Factor Taping

Kimberly Wyatt And Nicole Scherzinger Didn't Talk On X Factor

Wow, so it really does seem true to what Carmit Bachar had been telling the press last week. X Factor UK judge Nicole Scherzinger avoided being seen with former band mate Kimberly Wyatt at Sunday’s taping, it has been reported. Scherzinger wanted nothing to do with Kimberly who was there to talk about the contestants as a special guest. Nicole was so uncomfortable throughout the night upon hearing that Kimberly was in the studio so she tried to stay as far away as possible from the singer.

The two ended on bad terms after the split because of Nicole’s controlling behavior towards the band,- non of the other girls in the Pussycat Dolls were ever allowed to speak during interviews and their vocals were never actually put the final version of studio albums because record execs felt that Nicole was the star, and not the other girls.

According to viewers in the audience, the atmosphere was beyond awkward when the show’s host announced Wyatt was in the studio. Nicole supposedly started acting really funny:

 “It was awkward. When her presence was announced, Nicole swivelled round in her judge’s chair, gave Kimberly a cool stare and didn’t even wave before turning her back again.”

Funny how this all links with what Carmit recently said: “Nicole was jealous of Ashley. She felt threatened by her – like people would prefer her because of the way she looked,” Bachar told The Sun“Ashley had that iconic American thing going on – blonde hair, blue eyes. It was the look Nicole seemed to want but could never have.

A Pussycat Dolls Reunion Would NEVER Happen Because Of Nicole, Says Former Bandmate

Pussycat Dolls Reunion Would Never Happen, Says Former Member

Carmit Bachar has been getting a lot of attention since her last outburst a week ago when she had said Nicole Scherzinger was the reason the band had split in 2010. According to the band member, Nicole was demanding and envied anyone who had blonde hair and blue eyes as she had always wished she looked like Ashley Roberts. Now, Carmit says a Pussycat Dolls reunion would never happen, adding that there is way too much water under the bridge for all the girls to work with Nicole ever again.

Scherzinger, who is currently working on the UK’s version of X Factor, doesn’t actually talk to any of the girls anymore and didn’t even bother calling Carmit when she gave birth last year — not even a text. “Nicole tried to do a solo album, but it did not work and I think that hurt the label and everyone else in the end,” Bachar told The Sun. “I heard she did a ton of demos which weren’t cheap. In a scramble they tried to get the Dolls to do a second album.”

Bachar, who decided to quit the group in 2008 continued that their last album Doll Domination was pretty much songs that were supposed to have been on Nicole’s forthcoming album at the time, but after her debut solo album flopped, they were put on the PCD record instead. “They weren’t really hot album songs, it didn’t sound like us. I think that’s when the other girls decided they had reached the end of the road.” Asked on who she still stays in contact with, Carmit continued: “I’m still good friends with Ashley – she’s my soul sister.

“All of the Dolls are still friends, apart from Nicole. Nicole knows I had a child, my daughter Kaela Rose last year, but she never got in touch. A Pussycat Dolls reunion isn’t out of the question. Five of us – and not Nicole – could happen. But all six? Never. Too much water under the bridge.”

Nicole Scherzinger Was Jealous Of Pussycat Dolls Girls, Says Former Band Member Carmit

carmit bachar claims nicole scherzinger was always jealous of pcd

Nicole Scherzinger was extremely jealous of the girls in Pussycat Dolls it has been claimed. Former band member, Carmit Bachar made the not-so-shocking allegations earlier this week, telling The Sun Nicole would envy all of the members in the band, especially Ashley Roberts because she came across as the iconic American girl which is something that Scherzinger felt she was lacking in, she wasn’t able to vibe with the fans as well as the rest of the band were (hence why her debut album was a massive flop in the States).

Carmit left the group back in 2008, blaming Nicole for creating a bad atmosphere around her and the girls. However, the former PCD starlet has remained tight friends with the rest of the band and is currently supporting Roberts who is taking part in this year’s U.K I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

When asked on what it was like working with Scherzinger in a band, Carmit explained: “Nicole was jealous of Ashley. She felt threatened by her – like people would prefer her because of the way she looked. Ashley had that iconic American thing going on – blonde hair, blue eyes. It was the look Nicole seemed to want but could never have.”

The band never understood Nicole’s frustration and jealous, she continued. Though Nicole would always be told that she was a beautiful woman, she would still continue to hate on other people’s looks: “No-one could understand why Nicole was so jealous. She was an exotic beauty with a look that most girls would kill for. But she always had a thing about blonde girls. Ashley knew that Nicole was jealous of her and it made her feel uncomfortable. It was a hideous undertone in the group.

Speaking on when the group fell apart in 2010, Carmit recalled how upset everyone were — knowing that Nicole’s big ego was the fault of it: “After the Dolls fell apart, Ashley was in tears. It was a tough time for everyone in the band. But with Ashley being the way she is, it was particularly hard on her.”

Britney Spears: ‘Eliminating Diamond White From X Factor Was Really Hard’

Britney Spears has said that making the devastating decision to eliminate Diamond White from the X Factor on Thursday was a really hard decision for the singer. Though Britney believes the youngster has a fantastic voice for her age, Spears felt it wasn’t up to the standard she would want it to be, seeing that Beatrice Miller and Carly Rose had better performances than White, according to several polls.

“She has an amazing voice for such a young age,” Spears told E! Online. “It was really hard to do that.” She continued to explain why she decided to save Ray from elimination (who seems to be one of her favorite in her category): “I was looking for that eye of the tiger, that ‘it factor’, that someone who just kind of wows you and takes you in.”

Meanwhile X Factor had low ratings when it aired on Wednesday evening with only 7.37 million watching Khloe Kardashian make her debut as a host and see the contestants perform. However, producers are not worried about the ratings dipping due to Hurricane Sandy affecting millions of people in the east coast over the week — many homes were left without power for at least four days before their electricity came back on.

Critics have said that the panel of judges are much better than last year’s lineup which included Cheryl Cole (who was axed during auditions for struggling to interact with her co-workers), Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger who has since moved on over to the UK’s version of the show, where viewers have welcomed her with open arms. Surprising since she didn’t interest us with her constant sobbing when she was judging over in the US. Ha.

Nicole Scherzinger Didn’t Make Out With Chris Brown At A Nightclub In Los Angeles: ‘We’re Just Mates’

Nicole Scherzinger put herself in a bad position when she was snapped getting very close with “friend” Chris Brown. The singer hit up a nightclub in Los Angeles where Chris joined her a few hours later that night. The pictures that were taken supposedly show Brown kissing Scherzinger, while she doesn’t seem to back away. However, according to Nicole, the pictures are not accurate before adding that the two were just talking — she wouldn’t go out with Chris because they have known each other for 8 years.

“You are always going to have people saying something or having a picture,” she told The Sun. “But it is complete dross if you and your partner know what the truth is. Chris Brown and I are definitely just mates. I have known him since he was younger than 16. We were just talking. Even my mom said, ‘I saw a picture of you’. It’s the same when Lewis [Hamilton] had some random girls sitting in the lobby.”

It was reported in July that boyfriend Lewis Hamilton had been hooking up with TEN girls in his hotel room while Nicole was working. The two were allegedly feuding for weeks after the incident, but it looks like that was a lie because Nicole explained: “Can’t girls just be sitting in the lobby?” the X Factor judge said of the incident. “Maybe they were going to the same party.

“Every relationship has its things and you work it out. We made it last for four years so far, so it definitely makes things interesting and challenging. I wouldn’t wish a long-distance relationship on anyone, Lewis would say the same,” said Scherzinger of the arrangement. “But if it’s worth it, you fight for it. We try to see each other as much as possible.”

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