Sarah Jessica Parker And Matthew Broderick Getting Divorced After Rumors Of Cheating And Infidelity


Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are reportedly getting divorced after seventeen years of marriage. The latest cover issue from OK! Magazine claims that Sarah and Matthew have reached their wit’s end when it comes to their relationship, and neither one of them wants to continue with the charade, despite having three children together. A […]

Jennifer Aniston Ready To Become Single Mother (PHOTO)


According to the latest cover issue of OK!, Jennifer Aniston is pregnant – again. The report states that Jennifer is determined to raise her baby alone, since Justin Theroux has apparently abandoned her and run off to NYC. I think this marks the 200th time that Jennifer has become pregnant, according to OK! and other […]

Kim Kardashian And Other Celebrities Obsessed With Plastic Surgery (PHOTOS)


OK! Magazine always has regular plastic surgery cover issues, and this week’s is devoted to celebrities who are ‘obsessed’ with plastic surgery. Obviously, the #1 star at the top of the list is Kim Kardashian, who is famous for her ever-changing face. If you look at a side-by-side comparisons of her face from 2007 to […]

Jennifer Aniston Pregnant And Abandoned By Justin Theroux


The timing of this latest report is quite fortuitous, considering Justin Theroux is supposedly cheating on Jennifer Aniston with another woman [possibly his ex-girlfriend Heidi Bivens] in New York City. This week’s cover issue from OK! Magazine claims that Justin and Jennifer are living apart, after Jennifer found out that she was pregnant and Justin […]

Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding to Justin Theroux CANCELLED!


Jennifer Aniston has told friends she’s made a mistake by agreeing to marry fiance Justin Theroux, the latest issue of OK! magazine reports. The actress, who is currently still engaged, no longer plans on walking down the aisle to Justin for one simple reason… she still loves Brad Pitt! While most people would have been […]