Zayn Malik Quits One Direction – Releases Statement

Zayn Malik has quit One Direction in a move that has been telegraphed for many, many months. It’s been six days since Zayn left the group’s Asian tour, and clearly, his decision to quit has been a long time coming. Zayn released a statement saying, “After five incredible years Zayn Malik has decided to leave […]

Zayn Malik Furious At Matt Lauer And Today Show For Drug Comments – Report

Zayn Malik is furious that Matt Lauer [via the Today Show] made very public accusations against him regarding drug use. However, if the ‘Today Show’ is making accusations against a world famous singer for taking drugs, then they probably received an excellent tip-off. That means that either the sources were right and Zayn Malik is […]

Simon Cowell Says One Direction Reality TV Show Is “In The Works”

This is not the first time that rumors have emerged that One Direction, the popular teen band, is filming a reality show.  However, this time there may actually be some merit to the rumors. Simon Cowell recently dished on the possible One Direction reality show at Britain’s Got Talent auditions last week.  Here’s what Cowell […]

Harry Styles Denies Rumors That He Is Bisexual, Says He’s ‘Pretty Sure’ He’s Straight

One of the things I love best about One Direction is that they are very open about their sexuality. They are friendly and touchy feely with each other, and there’s no stigma associated with being bisexual or gay, unlike the olden days of the Boy band era [a.k.a. the days of Backstreet Boys and N’Sync]. […]

One Direction Members Open Up About Their Bad Boy Images

During the boyband era in the early 2000s, it seemed like we were bombarded with the likes of N’Sync and Backstreet Boys, all of whom seemed to have pristine, squeaky-clean images with the public and their fans. Eventually, that façade faded away and were able to see the boys for their real personalities, and I […]

Harry Styles Is So Over Taylor Swift: Wants To Hook Up With Jennifer Lawrence

Harry Styles is hoping to snag a date with recent Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, after falling head over heels while watching her acceptance speech at the Academy Awards on Sunday afternoon. The singer, who is currently on tour with his One Direction bandmates, managed to squeeze in some time to watch the award show, and […]

One Direction’s Harry Styles Was Hit In His “Crown Jewels” By A Fan (Video)

Harry Styles was targeted by a fan last night during the One Direction tour in Glasgow, as one teenager threw a shoe right at his testicles, and damn – watching the video makes us cringe every single time. The way he just dropped to the floor made us remember all those times a similar incident […]

Simon Cowell Confirms Break-Up To Carmen Electra, Says He’s Looking For Something New

Simon Cowell is looking for a new girlfriend after calling it quits with actress Carmen Electra. The two were dating for roughly a month before Simon called off their relationship due to his busy work schedules – she happens to live in Los Angeles while he’s now filming the audition stages for Britain’s Got Talent […]