Miley Cyrus and Paris Hilton Made Out

Paris Hilton Instagram photo

Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger went out for a second night of partying at E11EVEN on Thursday night. The two have been attached at he beer bong lately, and the rumor is that Patrick is fueling Miley to party harder than she normally does, not vice-versa. Dressed in something that looks like Elton John would […]

Paris Hilton Debuts Her New Single, “Come Alive” (LISTEN HERE)


Just yesterday we were talking about Paris Hilton and how she has spent the last year working on some new music and then, tah-dah- here it is. Come Alive is the first single that Hilton has dropped in years and she is super excited about the direction that her music career is going in. Since […]

Paris Hilton Wears Bondage For Terry Richardson Photos


Paris Hilton might be catching on to the Fifty Shades of Grey craziness because she posed in several bondage themed outfits for photographer Terry Richardson. Paris and her sister, Nicky Hilton, were both there but the pictures with Nicky are all pretty demure. These photos were taken all the way back in September, and Paris […]

Nick Carter Blames Paris Hilton For His Hardcore Drug Abuse — What Ridiculousness!

Nick Carter, former teen sensation and member of the Backstreet Boys, blames Paris Hilton for his drug abuse. You know, because she apparently forced drugs down his throat and threatened him with a gun. Except wait, she didn’t do that. These teen stars and their inability to take responsibility for anything in their lives is […]

Paris Hilton Felt Violated After Learning Bling Ring Facts

Paris Hilton Felt Violated After Learning Bling Ring Facts

It’s natural for heiress Paris Hilton to have felt violated after learning all of the details surrounding the robbery of her mansion. Apparently the girls in the “bling ring” wanted to take off with her beloved dog. The heiress said that she learned a couple of things about the robberies on her home from director […]