Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Have Friends With Benefit Relationship?

The 3rd Annual Gold Meets Golden Event

So all those reports that came out a year agree stating that Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes were dating turned out to be right. Well, maybe not ‘right’, but they were definitely more accurate than all the other reports suggesting that Jamie and Katie were JUST FRIENDS. Perhaps because the rumor mill was set to […]

Kirk Douglas Died….OH! WAIT…No He Didn’t

kirk douglas died people

Kirk Douglas died, according to an article People prematurely published. Usually death hoaxes begin was some bored troll on a social media network, but this obituary was an accident. It may (or may not) be a surprise, but media outlets have an inventory of posts ready to be quickly altered and published in order to […]

Khloe Kardashian On X Factor Hosting: ‘I’m Still Learning’

Khloe Kardashian's still adjusting to X Factor role

Khloe Kardashian has said that she is still adjusting to her new job role as the host of X Factor. While she has already tackled problems such as missing the Teleprompter text, suffered a mis-slip on the first night and tends to repeat a lot of things that Mario Lopez says, we have to agree […]

Ben Affleck: ‘Channing Tatum Deserves Being Named People’s Sexiest Man Alive’

Ben Affleck Congratulates Channing Tatum Sexiest Male Award

Ben Affleck has congratulated Channing Tatum for being titled ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ by People magazine. The actor, who held the title back in 2002, says that Tatum deserves it, seeing that he is a good guy and an extremely “sexy man”. Ben tells Access Hollywood: “I think [Channing] is [deserving], and always has been,” the Argo star explained. “He’s […]