Beyonce And Jay-Z Accepted Poverty Funds When They Were Paid To Perform In Nigeria

Oh man – so much positivity until this came along. Beyonce and Jay-Z were reportedly paid with poverty fund money back in 2006 when the former Governor, Goodluck Jonathan, paid them with the local poverty alleviation funds which no one actually knew about until now! And from what we’re hearing… people are totally pissed at the fact […]

Justin Timberlake Denies Calling Britney Spears A B**ch On Stage: “I Wouldn’t Disrespect Anyone”

Hmm – looks like someone’s lying. Justin Timberlake has denied calling Britney Spears a biyotch on stage during his New Orleans Super Bowl show on Saturday, where he made special appearance alongside Jay-Z who was also invited on to the stage to perform Suit and Tie. The pop star had moved on to ‘Cry Me […]

‘Sweaty’ Ed Sheeran Failed To Impress Katy Perry During A Recent Encounter

Ed Sheeran smiling

Wasn’t he supposed to be trying to win over Taylor Swift? Ha! Ed Sheeran has recalled the moment he met Katy Perry… and it wasn’t very pleasant either. The British singer, who will perform at this year’s Grammys, failed at his chance to impress Katy after they bumped into each other backstage.

Kendall Jenner Gets Turned Down By Emblem3 After Asking To Perform At Birthday Party

kendall jenner turned down by emblem3

Kendall Jenner asked Emblem3 to perform at her seventeenth birthday party but was turned down by the boy group due to their X Factor commitments, TMZ reports. As many Kardashian fans may already know, Khloe landed the role as host of the talent show alongside Mario Lopez, which means that she knows the ins and outs of all […]