Kourtney Kardashian Avoids Reggie Bush Like the Plague in Miami

Kourtney Kardashian Avoids Reggie Bush Like the Plague in Miami

The Kardashian’s are a lot of negative things but at least on a more positive note, they are loyal to each other. Kourtney and baby-daddy, Scott Disick went to dinner at one of Miami’s hotspots- Makoto- last Friday night and ran into none other than Reggie Bush!  Kim dated him for a few years and finally ended things when he wouldn’t marry her and start a family with her all in the same minute. Ironically enough, Kim is the one still sitting in a (probably) temporary relationship, while Reggie has moved on with Lilit Avagyan.  She’s a Kim look-a-like that just so happens to be carrying Reggie’s baby, kind of like Kim wanted to do!

Kourtney requested a particular table at the restaurant and was informed that not only was it taken, but that Reggie and Lilit were the ones’ sitting there. Surprisingly, Kourt didn’t storm out, but instead asked to be seated as far as possible from the couple. She has always appeared to be a pretty loyal sister although I’m sure she’ll still get hell from Kim for not actually leaving the restaurant.

I have to wonder what Kim really thinks about her string of exes.  It has to be hard to see them move on and be happy with someone other than her. I wonder when Kimmie will take a really hard look at herself. Does she pick the wrong guys? I mean, they appear to be capable of committing to other women so maybe the problem really is Kim!

Did Kourtney handle things well, or should she have dined somewhere else all together?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


Kim Kardashian Boobs on Display! Another Desperate Attempt To Attract Reggie Bush (Photo)

Kardashian Boobs on Display!  Another Desperate Attempt To Attract Reggie Jackson (Photo)

Despite the fact that Reggie Bush has rejected Kim Kardashian‘s advances and her heart is broken she continues to try to tempt Reggie with alluring photos.  Kim posted the following message to her twitter account with the tweet: “Mason wanted to play tennis too!”  We are suppose to believe that Kim plays tennis?

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Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush Heating Back Up??

Could it be?  Not like we’d be surprised to see Kim Kardashian and her old love, Reggie Bush back together.  We know that flame never really died out.  Some close sources to the situation reveal to Us that Kim and Reggie met at the Beverly Hilton a couple of y ago for lunch, and they greeted other with a kiss.  Read More Here »

Miami Dolphins: Reggie Bush Parties HARD After 4th Loss

Reggie Bush is really starting to look like a has-been.  His team, the Miami Dolphins lost 26-16 to the San Diego Chargers where he only put up 50 yards.  He’s failed to impress at all this season and has fans questioning whether or not he has any drive, respect, or love left for the game.  Who can help but wonder?

So after the loss last night, what does he do?  Reggie Bush goes out and parties.  There was clearly nothing to celebrate about and he probably should have been at home sleeping, or at least watching some tape to figure out why he’s turning into a major failure.

Instead he was seen at XIV in Hollywood, getting his drink on, enjoying the topless dancers, and overall, not acting like he’s gives a rip about his game.

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BREAKING NEWS: USC Has Been Stripped of 2004 Title

The USC Trojans have officially been stripped of their 2004 title.  The Bowl Championship Series has announced that they stripped the University of Southern California of the title after they completed an investigation, proving Reggie Bush and his family received improper benefits while he was playing for the Trojans.

NCAA had already stripped USC of its regular season wins that Reggie Bush had participated in.  USC had appealed this, but that was a no go.  USC haters rejoice!  USC fans, pitch a fit, then get over it.  It’s now a done deal.


Reggie Bush’s New Girlfriend is Erika Jayne – Photos

Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian has been over for quite awhile now.  But for some reason, I think his latest fling/girlfriend is going to sting a bit.

An eyewitness talked to In Touch about Reggie’s latest eye candy.  Her name is Erika Jayne and she’s a club singer.  Last night while at LIV in Miami last night during the Winter Music Conference, Reggie spotted the hottie.

“He sent one of his friends up to her and asked for her number so he could give her a call.  Reggie thought she was really hot and he is totally her type.”

It’s probably a good thing that Reggie really moves on.  Who knows if things will ever get serious with Erika, but it would probably give Kim more closure that way.

Photo: In Touch