Patrick Schwarzenegger And Miley Cyrus Done – Patrick Moving On With Rita Ora?

Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miley Cyrus have been dating for several months, but there’s always been an expiry date on their relationship. Patrick’s parents are openly disapproving of Miley, and unfortunately for Miley, that’s largely due to her, ahem, partying lifestyle. So in that regard, it makes sense that Patrick would be open to having a […]

Rita Ora Collapses During Photoshoot, Due To Exhaustion

Rita Ora collapsed during a photoshoot earlier today, sparking rumors about the state of her health. She was reportedly shooting for Madonna‘s Material Girl campaign in Miami Beach, Florida early Monday when she suddenly collapsed while in the makeup trailer. Photographs from the scene and eyewitness reveal that Rita needed to be taken out by […]

Rita Ora Calls Rob Kardashian “Mentally Unstable” For Making Up Lies About Her When She Broke His Heart

Rita Ora says Rob Kardashian almost killed her career, yet she still continues to speak about him in interviews. Clearly she’s looking for attention seeing that she still hasn’t had a hit in the States. Aww, boohoo!! The R.I.P singer was caught up in a nasty break-up from her relationship to Rob who exposed her […]

Rita Ora Shares A Passionate Kiss With Another Celebrity… Diana Ross’ Son Evan

This girl needs to keep them legs closed.. like asap! Rita Ora has likely spread her legs for another celebrity after Rob Kardashian ended their 1-year relationship due to her having slept with TWENTY MEN whilst pregnant with the reality star’s baby. Yikes!! According to sources, the singer and Diana Ross’ son Evan were seen […]

Rita Ora Cheated On Rob Kardashian With Jonah Hill After Meeting Up In New York

Rita Ora cheated on Rob Kardashian with Jonah Hill, it has been reported. The British singer who has allegedly slept with twenty men in one year during her relationship to Rob, had a one night stand with the actor after the two had met up in New York. You might recall the youngest Kardashian venting […]

‘His D**k Was Small': Rita Ora Fights Back At Rob Kardashian Who Says He Got Her PREGNANT!

Rita Ora has fought back at Rob Kardashian‘s comments she had slept with twenty men during their one-year relationship together. The British singer definitely didn’t seem too pleased hearing what Rob had to say about her, whether it was true or not, because clearly something like that shouldn’t be put on blast to the public. […]

Report: Rob Kardashian And Rita Ora Have Split Up

Rita Ora has broken up with Rob Kardashian.  Rumor has it Rita broke up with Rob because of her hectic work schedule and their incompatible jet-setting lifestyles. It looks like Rob is not very happy about the split because he unfollowed Rita on twitter and delete all photos of her from his Instagram account. A […]

‘I’m Scared That Something May Come Out,’ Rita Ora Explains On Her Fear Of Toilets

British newcomer, Rita Ora, has said she fears using the toilet since childhood, questioning when something will pop out at her when she’s taking a dump. The ‘R.I.P’ singer, who is signed to Jay-Z’s RocNation label, explained that the “tunnel” must have some kind of ending where something could easily follow the route to her […]