Rumer Willis Desperately Wants a Music Career, So What If She Can’t Sing!

Rumer Willis the next Britney Spears? The daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore wants to be a popstar, the thing is she can’t sing.  But Rumer is not going to let a little thing like not being able to sing slow her down, she is desperate to launch a music career. Shouldn’t be a […]

Demi Moore’s Daughters Refuse To Speak To Her & Want Nothing To Do With Her

Demi Moore’s daughters are done with talking to their mother, Radaronline reveals the relationship between Demi and her three daughters has finally reached it’s “breaking point” after all the fights they’ve had and her three daughters have decided to also cut off all contact with her. Basically, Demi’s daughters have had enough, “Rumer, Scout and […]

Ashton Kutcher Done With Demi But Not With Rumer (VIDEO)

Ashton Kutcher has turned out to support Rumer Willis during a solo performance despite being estranged from Demi Moore. Does Rumer have a secret relationship with Ashton? Ashton and Demi split in November after Sara Leal went public with his sexcapades in the hot tub. But Ashton provided a “confidence” boost for Rumer as she […]