John Mayer Praises Katy Perry For Her Super Bowl Performance

John Mayer is praising Katy Perry over her Super Bowl performance because he naturally wants to see her naked again. John and Katy are dating again, but he is taking measures to keep their relationship going instead of letting her go. He offers her up the praise and she offers up the boobs. It seems […]

Katy Perry Disses Russell Brand, Praises Current Boyfriend John Mayer

Katy Perry‘s love life continues to make headlines, although this time it’s of her own doing. Katy recently covered the latest issue of Marie Claire Magazine and opened up about her relationships with both ex-husband Russell Brand and current boyfriend John Mayer. Katy first praises John Mayer, calling him practically perfect. She tells Marie Claire, […]

Someone Forgot To Tell Russell Brand “A Gentlemem Never Tells”

Someone forgot to tell Russell Brand that “A Gentlemem Never Tells.”  Russell has been blabbing his mouth off about his ex-wife Katy Perry and lets say he is not keeping it classy.  To find out what Russell said this time about Katy head over to Tattle Tailzz who has the scoop on the story.  [CLICK […]

Demi Moore Quitting Acting and Becoming A Yoga Teacher

Demi Moore‘s acting career has been going no where over the past several year and now Demi is looking to put her skills elsewhere.  “Demi is acutely aware that her star has faded in Hollywood,” said a source.  Demi who has spent the last couple of years going through a lot of emotional crisis following […]

Russell Brand Divorced Katy Perry Via Text Message: Harsh

When Russell Brand and Katy Perry announced their divorce after less than one year of being married, everyone jumped to conclusion that Brand must have cheated on Perry. While we’ve heard his side of the story already, in which he continually says the marriage was ‘shaky’ from the beginning and he tried his best but […]

Russell Brand Sued Over Los Angeles Car Accident — Allegedly Ran Someone Over

Russell Brand needs to pay up for the damages he has caused, Victor Sneed has said. The American citizen was left shaking after he was run over by the famous comedian back in January 2012, just days after filed to divorce his ex-wife, Katy Perry. Could the break-up have had something to do with why […]

Russell Brand Insists He Always Uses Condoms Before He Gets Intimate With Someone

Russell Brand has said he always uses a condom before getting intimate with someone. The comedian/actor who has been linked to Geri Halliwell and two glamorous British models in the past year, insists that he always makes sure he’s having safe sex by using a condom – probably because he doesn’t want kids… not necessarily […]