Wendy Williams Slams Heidi Klum For Dating Bodyguard: ‘Seal, I’ll Tell You How To Get Back At Her’

Wendy Williams Slams Heidi Klum's Relationship to Bodyguard

Meow! Looks like Heidi Klum has found herself a new enemy. The supermodel has not landed on talk-show host Wendy Williams‘ good side after dumping her ex-husband, Seal for her bodyguard Martin Kristen. Williams took to her own show to slam Heidi when she said she thinks it’s totally inappropriate how she’s handled the situation, […]

Miley Cyrus Denies Planning Three Weddings With Liam Hemsworth: ‘I’m Only Having One’

Miley Cyrus Says She's Only Having One Wedding

Miley Cyrus has denied reports, claiming that the singer was in early stages of planning three weddings which would take place in different locations (one in Australia – due to Liam’s family being out there – one in Los Angeles and one in Nashville). However, according to Miley herself, she’s aware of the rumors that […]

Betheny Frankel Wants Justin Bieber To Marry Her Daughter

Betheny Frankel Wants Justin Bieber To Marry Her Daughter

Bethenny Frankel has started filming her new talk show; the goal of this show is to talk about problems relative to people, such as, marriage, divorce, sex, parenting, and relationship issues. Planning to have celebrities on her talk show, Bethenny already has plans for her first guest, she mentioned that in particular, she wants Justin […]