Taylor Swift: ‘I Don’t Know How To Keep A Bad Boy [Harry Styles]‘

Harry Styles May Not Stay With Taylor Swift, She's Scared He'll Leave

Taylor Swift just can’t resist a bad boy, she has told Cosmopolitan. The singer who has had more boyfriends than Elizabeth Taylor at the age of twenty-two is definitely experiencing what type of boys she likes the most, and it looks like the bad ones are the kind of dudes she is going for now. We’ve already established that she’s going out with One Direction’s Harry Styles – who openly admitted he has a fetish for older women – after the two were spotted holding hands at New York’s Central Park earlier this week.

Now what made us chuckle in this interview is that Taylor admits to loving the bad boys but she simply can’t keep one. That could be because she’s too much of a good girl — the two personalities don’t match and therefore the whole romance ends up in another number one hit song that Taylor will write about the dude she was dumped by.

She explains it all in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan:

“I don’t know. I think that idea of love I hope for is that you learn a lesson and you don’t have to learn it twice. But the song ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ is about when I knowingly made the same mistake twice.  Read More Here »