Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Sold Her Sex Tape For Almost One Million

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham filmed a sex tape with James Deen and Farrah has been shopping it around to try and get the most $$$ she can for it.  Word on the street is the classy Teen Mom took her father and her daughter to sex tape negotiations with Steven Hirsch at Vivid Entertainment.  She […]

Farrah Abraham Fought Breathalyzer Test Tooth and Nail Literally

Oh boy, it looks like Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham may make it into the reality star hall of fame for bad behavior after all. The young mom decided to get behind the wheel of her car after indulging in a whole lot of alcohol. She swerved to avoid hitting an Omaha, Nebraska police car […]

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery, Wants To Look Like Kim Kardashian

It’s easy to talk about how destructive Hollywood’s image of beauty is, but Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is now a walking caution sign! The young mom is noted for being a total brat to her parents, and is typically selfish and immature. She went under the knife in 2010 for breast implants, and again […]