Nicki Minaj Pregnant With Rapper Meek Mill’s Baby: Tries To Hide Baby Bump, Makes Summer Tour With Fiance Meek Smoke Free

Nicki Minaj Pregnant With Rapper Meek Mill’s Baby Tries To Hide Baby Bump, Makes Summer Tour With Fiance Meek Smoke Free

Is Nicki Minaj pregnant and expecting her first baby with rapper Meek Mill? Nicki and Meek’s relationship has been a bit of a mystery to all of us. Are they broken up? Or are they getting married? And, why is Nicki Minaj rocking an engagement ring, but her “fiancé” Meek Mill insists that it is […]

Rihanna – Once Again – Shares Her Love For Chris Brown: “He’s Not A Monster”

Rihanna has once again defended Chris Brown‘s actions by stating that her boyfriend is not a monster… well, not anymore. The Bajan-beauty, who got knocked out by her beau in 2009 because of his anger issues, explained that Chris has very much matured over the years, realizing that his actions were wrong and has since […]

Courtney Webb Receives Death Threats After She Breaks Zayn Malik Cheating Scandal

The Australian waitress who slept with Zayn Malik is reportedly receiving thousands of hate messages and death threats from One Direction fans after she broke the story on Sunday that she had slept with the singer on Wednesday morning. Courtney Webb is her name, she claims she didn’t know who Zayn was but took pictures […]

Lady Gaga’s Producer Reveals Her Forthcoming Record ‘POPART’ Is Nowhere Near Finished

Lady Gaga artpop

Lady Gaga has a lot of work to do if she wants to release her upcoming record this year, her producer Zedd has said. According to him, Gaga’s schedule with her Born This Way tour, has kept them from finishing the album which could mean that the record may not be released this year after […]

Journalists Are Furious With Rihanna Who Disowned Them On Flight To 777 Tour Dates

Rihanna Causing Problems on 777 Tour

Journalists who accompanied Rihanna on her trips around the world, are very, very angry with the singer. You would think that a free ticket around the world, free tickets to the singer’s concerts and drinking expensive champagne during every flight would cheer them up, but no – they’re still in a tight mood. According to […]