Cissy Houston Releases New Statement, Bobbi Kristina Brown Still ‘Unresponsive’

Bobbi Kristina Brown Walked Around With $100 Bills In Her Purse At Only 10 Years Old

The Houston and Brown family has been going through a roller coaster of emotion recently, after [unconfirmed] reports the past few days claiming that Bobbi Kristina Brown was awake. Bobby Brown, Bobbi’s father, announced during a concert that Bobbi was awake, with Tina Brown, Bobbi’s aunt, taking to her Facebook to confirm the news. However, […]

Bobby Brown Not Removing Bobbi Kristina Brown From Life Support – Report

Bobbi Kristina Brown has been at the center of the media’s focus for the past few weeks, while she lies comatose and brain dead in the hospital following her tragic accident. Meanwhile, her father, Bobby Brown, and the rest of her family refuses to leave her side, even while her husband, Nick Gordon, can’t even […]

Bobbi Kristina Brown Inheritance From Whitney Houston To Go To Family In Case Of Death – Report

Much of the noise surrounding Bobbi Kristina Brown’s brain-dead state has to do with the fact that she’s currently on life support, and that’s the only thing stopping most of her greedy family from running after her inheritance as though their lives depended upon it. In fact, the most recent report we heard stated that […]

Bobbi Kristina Brown And Nick Gordon Aren’t Married

Bobbi Kristina Brown And Nick Gordon Aren't Married

Bobby Brown is drawing a line in the sand stating that Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon were never married. In case there is ever a battle over Whitney Houston’s money, Bobby Brown wants everyone to know that Nick isn’t entitled to any of the cash that might be floating around. Despite Bobbi Kristina previously […]