Nicole Scherzinger: “I’d Be Much More Successful If I Was A Slut”

Kimberly Wyatt And Nicole Scherzinger Didn't Talk On X Factor

Nicole Scherzinger has admitted that she think she could be much more successful with her music career if she was sluttier like the rest of the girls in the pop industry. She didn’t name names, but we’re sure she was thinking of Rihanna, Madonna and Lady Gaga when she said this, don’t you? Ha. Read More Here »

Simon Cowell Confirms Break-Up To Carmen Electra, Says He’s Looking For Something New

Simon Cowell Says Britney Spears Is A Mean Judge On The X Factor USA

Simon Cowell is looking for a new girlfriend after calling it quits with actress Carmen Electra. The two were dating for roughly a month before Simon called off their relationship due to his busy work schedules – she happens to live in Los Angeles while he’s now filming the audition stages for Britain’s Got Talent in the UK. Work just always started to get in the way of things, but it hasn’t stopped him from trying to find someone new.  Read More Here »

X Factor’s Demi Lovato Wants Lady Gaga To Join The Show As A Judge

Demi Lovato Feuds With Perez Hilton Over Lindsay Lohan

While it’s looking like Demi Lovato will definitely return for the third series of X Factor, alongside Simon Cowell, there are still two empty seats which need to be filled, and we’ve already been hearing that Ne-Yo will take over LA Reid’s spot, but who will cover Britney’s seat? The former Disney starlet has said that since no one has been suggested yet, Lady Gaga would be an amazing choice for the show.  Read More Here »

Demi Lovato Took The X Factor Job Too Quick and Jeopardized Her Health

Demi Lovato Took The X Factor Job Too Quick and Jeopardized Her Health

Demi Lovato says her eating disorders could have been prevented had other celebrities been more honest about their body issues. As we all know, these days, models and celebrities who cover magazines, they are most likely to have been airbrushed to death… in other words, that is nowhere near what they look like in real life. Demi feels that had people been more honest about their own body issues as opposed to trying to convince people that they really did look flawless, her bulimia could have been prevented.

Now, to us, this doesn’t really make sense, – why does a celebrity have to come out about their body issues for yourself to feel good about your own body!? But Lovato believes that people should be proud of what they look like and especially when you’re famous and young teenagers look up to you, you’d want to make sure they understand the concept of showbiz and what really hides behind the airbrushed effects and (occasionally) botox and plastic surgery.

Read More Here »

Britney Spears $100 Million Las Vegas Deal Back On? Singer Hints She Has Signed On

FOX's "The X Factor" Season Finale - Night 1

Looks like Britney Spears will still be heading to the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas after having tweeted a message to her fans that hinted she has already signed on for the $100 million a year deal, which would see the pop star perform 4-5 times a week. While it seemed like the offer fell through last week when a rep for the Palace in Vegas denied reports they were in any kind of discussions with Brit, Spears probably wants to keep it all a secret for now. Read More Here »

Did Britney Spears Turn Down $100 Million Las Vegas Residency?

Britney Spears scream and shout

Though it was heavily speculated that after “quitting” her role on X Factor, Britney Spears would head over to the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for an annual deal to perform shows on a regular basis. However, it looks like that the $100 million deal a year fell through as representatives of the Palace have said that they not in talks with Brit. This could mean two things; either she turned them down or they had never offered her the money that has been reported. Read More Here »

Britney Spears’ Relationship To Jason Trawick Ended Weeks Before Announcement

Jason Trawick and Britney Spears

Britney Spears‘ relationship to Jason Trawick had ended back in December, according to new reports. The former X Factor judge had stopped being affectionate to her fiance for weeks before deciding she would no longer wear her wedding ring out in public. Spears, who announced her split Read More Here »

Britney Spears Finally Confirms She Will Not Return To X Factor: Read Statement HERE!!

THE X FACTOR: Britney Spears

She was crap anyway. Britney Spears has announced she will not return to X Factor in a just-released statement the singer gave out to the media, explaining that HER decision not to come back for another season of the talent show was very hard – even though reports have confirmed that Simon Cowell was bound to fire her for being too boring.

The pop star continued that being on X Factor made her realize how much she missed being on stage, before hinting that new music material of her own was in the works. Spears received $15 million Read More Here »

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