Zayn Malik Furious At Matt Lauer And Today Show For Drug Comments – Report

Zayn Malik is furious that Matt Lauer [via the Today Show] made very public accusations against him regarding drug use. However, if the ‘Today Show’ is making accusations against a world famous singer for taking drugs, then they probably received an excellent tip-off. That means that either the sources were right and Zayn Malik is […]

Liam Payne Frightened One Direction Will Split Up

One Direction’s Liam Payne has said he fears the band will fall out and split up for a good. The 19-year old along with his bandmates, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson have all scooped themselves $10 million throughout the last twelve months and things are only going to get better now […]

Zayn Malik Won Back Perrie Edwards With A Teddy Bear

One Direction’s Zayn Malik won back Perrie Edwards after handing her a teddy bear, it had been reported. We’ve been hearing that the Little Mix singer and Malik had already rekindled their romance just days after the scandal broke that Zayn had cheated on Perrie, – she instantly forgave him but still had her doubts […]

Justin Bieber Planning A Las Vegas Trip With One Direction’s Zayn Malik

Justin Bieber is planning a getaway trip with One Direction’s Zayn Malik to show his support after Sunday’s shocking news broke that he had cheated on his girlfriend Perrie Edwards with an Australian waitress named Courtney Webb. Though it is believed that Zayn has already been taking back by his girlfriend, Perrie still isn’t that […]

Courtney Webb Receives Death Threats After She Breaks Zayn Malik Cheating Scandal

The Australian waitress who slept with Zayn Malik is reportedly receiving thousands of hate messages and death threats from One Direction fans after she broke the story on Sunday that she had slept with the singer on Wednesday morning. Courtney Webb is her name, she claims she didn’t know who Zayn was but took pictures […]

Zayn Malik CHEATED On His Girlfriend!! Woman Comes Forward And She’s Not Happy

Wowza, who knew Zayn Malik had it in him to cheat on his girlfriend. Yup, the One Direction group member cheated on his girlfriend Perrie Edwards on Wednesday morning after returning home from a “wild” party in North London. The singer supposedly slept with Courtney Webb, an Australian waitress who is definitely not holding back […]

One Direction To Use YouTube For Language Courses After Failing To Interact With Fans In Japan

One Direction were kinda embarrassed when their fans in Japan would talk to them and they couldn’t reply – constantly having to ask their manager to translate what was being said. Now, it has been reported that the five boys will be taking YouTube language courses online in hopes that they can pick up a few words […]

One Direction’s Zayn Malik Ends His Conference Session After Falling Sick

Aww, poor baby! Grow up and handle it like a man. Zayn Malik backed out of a press conference in Japan after just twenty minutes into it, it has been reported. The singer started feeling very sick during their announcement that they would be adding an extra two shows to their world tour in Japan, […]