Hollywood Hiccups Writers

Nikki Leigh…

…is the founder of Hollywood Hiccups.  She loves all things celebrity and has a passion for spreading the best gossip.  (It’s a blessing… not a curse!)  When Nikki isn’t educating via her Mac, she’s roaming the outdoors, sipping wine, reading a good book, and making the best of her very full life.

Contact Nikki at: hollywoodhiccups [at] gmail.com


…is our movie girl.  If they would let her sleep at the theater, she probably would.  Her diet consists of vats of popcorn and Jr. Mints… oh and Diet Dr. Pepper.  We love her anyhow.  She’s finishing up school where she is naturally majoring in film.  One day we will be writing about her on Hollywood Hiccups.


… is well… our favorite guy! He’s here to lend us his deep thoughts when he feels the urge. (**sarcasm**) You won’t find a cooler, more chill dude on the planet. From sports, movies, and music to the latest scandal, Guy is the all around GUY…. we love him!


…is our resident music lover.  She’s got a passion for music that not only includes all the big names you’ve already heard of, but also the up and coming artists and groups.  She’s in the process of firing up her own, indie production company where we know she will rule…. but hopefully still have time for us.


Is a great gossipy gossip that we just couldn’t live without here at Hollywood Hiccups….When she isn’t spreading the news of Hollywood here, you will most likely find her on Rodeo Drive…. at least window shopping.  Yes, retail is her second passion.

Hail Mary….

Is our sports girl. If you don’t know sports, you think her name has to do with the Catholic Church. We don’t see a ton of Mary around here until football season is on…. she’s hardcore for the NFL. But we do get bits and pieces for the big stories throughout the year. It’s good to have friends like Mary on staff… she knows her stuff.  Unless we are talking about the NCAA Men’s bracket this year…. NO ONE knew their stuff!


Is thrilled to be joining the Celebrity Dirty Laundry team!  She has 18 years of experience in entertainment journalism and can multitask with the best of them.  She loves to tell stories and is a straight shooter with a real sarcastic streak. She believes as long as you’re laughing, everything will be fine. Cate is based just outside of NYC and when not chained to her keyboard you’ll find her chasing after her trio of little girls.

Renier Palland….

Growing up in South Africa, Renier has always been inspired by the beauty of his country and the stories of his nation. A proud South African, Renier has a penchant for doing things out of the ordinary, never quite following the rules of life.  Renier is a scientific dreamer. He enjoys writing, poetry, film and art and splices it all together with a big dollop of quantum physics, quantum paradoxes and the secrets of the Universe.  Renier is quirky, awkward, vegetarian, slightly crazy, spiritual, a massive film boffin, animal lover, cat obsessed, amateur astronomer, celebrity enthusiast, reality t.v. boffin, Gleek, Zombie Apocalypse planner and an Agony Aunt for every person who meets him.


Is our newest writer on-board.