Christina Aguilera Made $1 Million For Halloween Performance

Christina Aguilera and her divorce are a messy subject.  There are big question marks as to whether or not she’s really shacking up with Sam Ronson….ewww!  But one this is for certain.  Miss Aguilera still knows how to bring in the big bucks.

Big shot investor, Charles Brandes landed Aguilera for his annual Halloween bash in San Diego.  She only had to perform for an hour and she raked in $1 million.  Wha?  How is that possible?  Who makes that much in an hour?  Becoming single seems to be paying off for Christina already.  Break it down and between the hair, makeup, travel costs, and overall payment, Christina made $16,666 per minute.  That’s sick.  I’m not sure what kind of sick yet.  But it’s sick.

Photo: ChristinaAguilera