Rachel Dratch Shows Off Eli Benjamin

SNL’s Rachel Dratch who has made me go into full on fits of laughter on many, many occasions  is a new mom.  She and her boyfriend, Jason Wahl welcomed their beautiful son on August 24th.

The happy couple shared their experience with People,

“I went for a routine visit and they said my fluid was low.  It was a month in advance, so I didn’t even have a bag packed! I had to go in that night. It was a big shock.”

Jason said,

“I was about to get on a plane!  But I was in the room with her when he was born. To be part of the whole process was fantastic.”

Thank God!  Whenever I hear those stories of how the baby daddy didn’t make it in time, I cringe.  I can’t imagine going through that without the other half there to somehow take on a bit of the “agony.”

Eli is adorable and Rachel looks fantastic.  Congrats to the happy, growing family!  Enjoy your little bundle!

Photos: Ben Hoffmann