Demi Lovato’s Problems Just Got a Lot Worse

America’s Best Dance Crew‘ alum, Alex Welch who now performs as a backup dancer fro the Jonas Brothers is the girl who got sucker punched my Demi Lovato at the height of her meltdown.

Demi realized that she has a lot of anger issues, emotional distress, and even cuts herself and so she checked herself into a treatment center, hoping to regain control of her life, in a healthy manner.  She won’t be returning to the tour with the Jonas Brothers and there are no plans to have her replaced in the lineup.

Demi has a new problem now.  Alex Welch has been chatting with lawyers and is getting ready to press charges against Demi, likely wanting to make a big payday off of the troubled star.

Demi feels really bad and has already taken appropriate action to fix the problem.  Alex needs to lay off or she’s going to end up with a matching shiner.

Photo: TMZ

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