Conan O’Brien Reveals His FIRST Guest!

This is obviously a bit of a spoiler for the upcoming premiere episode of ‘Conan‘ on TBS.   I have been waiting for a very long time for this premiere.  I need my nightly fix of Conan O’Brien.  That tall, pasty red-headed Irish man is just the perfect man.  I need a guy to make me laugh and he can do so without even opening his mouth.  That body language and his facial expressions leave me in stitches always.

Anyhow, Conan arrives on TBS this Monday night (as in TWO days!) and his first guest has been revealed.  If you don’t mind the spoiler, check it out below:

There was an online poll to determine Conan’s first guest and Arlene Wagner, the Nutcracker Lady won!  She and her hubby opened the Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum in Washington in 1995 and it’s paid off nicely!  She’s on Conan’s premiere show!  I can’t wait!  This show is going to be off the hook!

Photos: TMZ

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