‘Bad Girls Club’ Catya Washington Facing Brutal Assault Charges

So Bad Girls Club star Catya Washington was arrested this week for the drugs and gun possession, but that’s not all she’s done.  A few weeks ago (Oct. 18), Catya was arrested for giving the wife of her lover a massive beating during the summer.  The cops finally nailed her and she’s facing charges for the assault on December 14.

‘Bad Girl’s Club’ Catya Washington Arrested For Drugs and Gun Possession

Catya rear-ended the woman’s vehicle and when the ladies got out of their vehicles, Catya repeatedly struck the woman in the face with a chain and sprayed mace on the woman.

For the beat down, Catya is being charged with aggravated assault, inflicting serious bodily injury, possession of an instrument of crime (mace), and recklessly endangering another person.

All I can say is, Catya Washington puts the BAD in Bad Girls Club.  Way to screen your “stars” Oxygen.  Catya is a lunatic.

Photo: Oxygen

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