Dina Lohan and Matt Lauer Talk Lindsay Lohan, Again

Dina Lohan got a personal call from Today Show’s Matt Lauer, asking her to come on the show tomorrow (Nov. 8th) to talk about Lindsay Lohan, naturally.  Like the world cares about listening to Dina about anything else.

Would the fame seeking mother ever turn that offer down?  Of course not!  Dina is ready to spill the beans on Lindsay’s progress over at Betty Ford, what she has planned post rehab, and she’ll even throw in some stuff on the rest of the family.

I wonder if Michael Lohan will show up outside the studios, in attempts to get his four seconds of fame like he always seems to when the cameras are rolling for a member of his family that hates him so much.

So if you really feel like listening to Dina’s blab, tune in to the Today Show tomorrow morning.  Or just come back here later, and I will have weeded out the “good stuff” for you and you can save time!

Photo: TMZ

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