Nicole Richie Gets Restraining Order to Protect Harlow

Okay, I know that the paparazzi are usually just doing their jobs.  But this guy is pure creepiness, stalking a preschooler, acting like a pervert on preschool property.

Nicole Richie took the above photo of Fabricio Luis Mariotto and filed legal papers with the court to get a restraining order to protect her daughter, Harlow.

In the docs, Nicole says,

“[Mariotto] drives erratically around my children and others, yells, screams and attempts to scare us so that he can photograph our reaction. He trespasses on preschool property to photograph the children.  He has often left his car in the middle of a busy street just to chase me for a photograph.  His predatory behavior caused and continues to cause severe emotional distress as I fear for the safety of my children.”

The judge of course granted a temporary restraining order that requires Mariotto to stay 100 yards away from Nicole, Harlow, Sparrow and Joel Madden, as well as the preschool.  I think that the order should be permanent, now.

Photo: TMZ

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