Dancing With The Stars Week 9 Results – Who Went Home?

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Tonight it’s down to the wire!  It’s the finals on Dancing With The Stars after tonight elimination, there will be only three left!  Last night was a very impressive night for everyone.  I am thoroughly pleased with everyone’s performances.  Huge effort is all I really ask for.

Tonight we get the pleasure of seeing sexy beast, Enrique Inglesias perform as well as the extremely gifted Annie Lennox.  I am excited to see both of them.

Tonight is tough to call.  Will Bristol Palin make it into the final three?  Will Kyle Massey go home?  You know I want Brandy out, but I don’t think that will happen.  It’s definitely between Bristol and Kyle, right? Jennifer Grey is solid gold.  She’s not going anywhere. If she were to leave tonight, I’d never watch the show again.

UPDATE!! I got my wish!  Brandy and Maks were eliminated.  She was a wreck, totally shocked.  I am shocked too!  But you know what?  Brandy came in with a huge advantage and Bristol is the one that has come the farthest.  Congrats to the finalists!  This last episode is going to be epic!  I can hardly wait!  Oh… and I’d like to add that Enrique was divine… Mmmmmm…..

Photo: ABC

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