The Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Divorce Scandal (Here’s the TRUTH)

It’s not happening. TMZ broke a story saying that Tony Parker filed divorce papers today against his wife Eva Longoria.  The court has responded and denied that any such papers were filed.

The internet has set fire with this rumor.  At the end of the day, Eva and Tony are having affairs and also adopting a baby.  Really people?  Really?  This story reminds me of all the death hoax rumors that go crazy for a day.  Then whoever the “victim” is, is found alive and well… and the buzz dies faster than the alleged death happened.

I am slightly annoyed with TMZ for reporting this story without confirming it first.  They are believe it or not normally pretty reliable.  Not the case here.

Tony Parker and Eva Longoria’s reps have confirmed that there is NO divorce.

UPDATE!! CONFIRMED: Eva Longoria Has Filed for DIVORCE From Tony Parker

Photo: JR

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