Lindsay Lohan Has Been Replaced For ‘Inferno’

Inferno director, Matthew Wilder has dropped Lindsay Lohan from his latest flick, where Lindsay was supposed to be the lead role as, Linda Lovelace.

“We are withdrawing our offer from Lindsay Lohan,” Wilder tells E! News. “We are currently in negotiations (with another actress) and working out the legalities of bringing her on board.  We have stuck by Lindsay very patiently for a long time with a lot of love and support.”

Keeping LiLo on board proved to be far too risky for the movie’s progress.  Who knows when Lindsay will actually be ready for a movie role and they couldn’t wait any longer to find out.

Who do you think they will bring in to replace her?  Any guesses?  They will be announcing her soon!

Photo: TylerShields

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