The Amazing Race 18 ALL-STAR Cast Revealed

The Amazing Race 18 will air this spring and has already begum filming across the globe.  I am a huge fan of all-star seasons on any reality show, it’s so much easier to get “into it” right away.  So, I am thrilled to say that this season will be all-stars and will be the first one in HD.  Yes!

RFF has hooked us up with the cast that they have spotted running about.  There could be some changes added to this later.  But for now, here it is:

Kynt and Vyxsin (season 12)

Ron and Christina (season 12)

Amanda and Kris (season 14)

Kisha and Jen (season 14)

Jaime and Cara (season 14)

Margie and Luke (season 14)

Mel and Mike (season 14)

Flight Time and Big Easy (season 15)

Zev and Justin (season 15)

Jet and Cord (season 16) …. I loved them!

Gary and Mallory (season 17)  …. More of my faves!

Looks like a great lineup to me!  I will keep you posted on any changes!

Photo: RFF

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