Howard Stern Contract With SiriusXM Radio for $$$

Howard Stern was only days (4) away from being done on SiriusXM satellite radio, when he announced on his show this morning that he’s signed a new, five year contract.

“I have come to the conclusion that the real innovators, the real geniuses are the people here at Sirius,” said Stern, adding “I can say with almost certainty that this is my final five years on radio.”

I wouldn’t hold my breath there.  He didn’t share how much he’s getting for this contract.  But the last one he signed in 2005 was for $500 million.  It’s obviously very hard to say no to that kind of cash.

His staff, Robin QuiversFred Norris and Baba Booey have yet to sign on for this “last round” so stay tuned for that announcement.

Photo: Howard Stern

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