Jenn Sterger Won’t Sue if NFL Suspends Brett Favre

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Jenn Sterger is making herself quite the case.  I think her actions this morning say it all.  If she was just looking for a huge payday, she wouldn’t have made this move against Brett Favre.

Her  rep appeared on the “Dan Patrick Show” and said,

“If the [NFL] commissioner suspends Favre and puts him in a program to make sure this doesn’t happen again … 100 percent … Jenn would not pursue any litigation against Favre, against the Jets, against anybody.”

Jenn Sterger could make herself a ton of money if she wanted to.  She could have let Favre pay her off.  But that’s not what she’s trying to achieve here.  I 100% respect what she’s doing here.  The only people who aren’t behind her are the delusional Vikings and Favre fans who can only see through football eyes…. but then again, if they cleared their clouded vision, they’d realize that Favre is a HAS BEEN on the field.

The most pathetic part of all of this is the fact the Favre has proven that he’s not a real man.  He’s a lying puss.  He doesn’t have the balls to man up and own his mistakes.  Pathetic.

If the NFL doesn’t comply, I hope Jenn Sterger sues all of them.

Photos: Daily Mail

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