Tim McGraw Joins Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Wahington in New Film

One of my favorite southern boys, who loves to melt us into piles of putty singing country tunes, Tim McGraw has just signed on to the upcoming movie, Safe House.

Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds are already onboard.

The movie is getting ready to enter production in South Africa.

Coming Soon spoke with McGraw and reports that,

the film is said to star Reynolds as a young CIA agent who becomes the house sitter of a governmental safe house. Washington will play a criminal in hiding there who must be transported to another location when the house comes under attack. There are no current details as to what role McGraw will be playing.

Safe House is set to hit theaters on February 10, 2012.  Yes, a bit of a wait…. but VERY worth it.  Can’t wait to see the trailers!

Photo: Twitter

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