The Biggest Loser is Patrick House – Before and After Pics

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Patrick House (28)was crowned the winner, on the season finale of The Biggest Loser last night.  He lost a massive 181 pounds and for that, he gets the title and the $250,000 prize.  Patrick told Us about his plans for that cash,

“I lost my job in January, so a lot of the money is going to pay back my family and friends that I borrowed from just to live this year.  I’m going to get my family back on our feet and start my new life.  That 400 pound guy is long gone.  He’s never coming back. It’s a lifestyle change it’s not a diet.  It’s unrealistic to say I’m never going to eat my mom’s pecan pie or my wife’s goat cheese pizza. I’m going to have that, but, instead of eating a half of a pecan pie or an entire goat cheese pizza, it’s all in portion control.”

Patrick’s wife, Bradley was working out while he was on the ranch too,

“She was a size-14 and she’s a size-4 now.  I couldn’t be more proud!”

Patrick has anew job at South Carolina’s Mind Stream Academy, a school for overweight teens.

“What better way to pay it forward than fighting childhood obesity?”

Congrats to Patrick House!  Well done!  Keep up the good work!

Think The Biggest Loser Meal Plan is going to go big now?

Photos: NBC

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