Mariah Carey is Definitely Having Twins

No surprise here.  Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey have never flat out denied that they are expecting twins when asked.  So when Nick went on his radio show and confirmed what we all expected,

“In order for my wife and I to have our life, we need to be up front and I need to be able to share things with you and be real.  I didn’t even tell my wife I was gonna do this.  I’m probably gonna get yelled at for not getting permission…We are having twins!”

But there’s a catch.  Mariah already shared the news with some other people.  She told President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama about the twins after she performed for them at the White House Christmas Special.

Mariah went through IVF to conceive and twins are very common when you go that route.  But how exciting!

Very cool.  Congrats to the soon to be mommy and daddy!

Photo: PE

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