Lady Gaga Kills Santa Claus With Her TEETH – VIDEO

Lady Gaga always has to be extreme, now doesn’t she?  It’s how she has gained her fame and fortune… but this is too much.  It’s Christmas for crying out loud.  It’s SANTA.  Who kills Santa?

Lady Gaga, that’s who.

Thursday night at one of her London concerts, Gaga thought she’d go all Ozzy Osbourne and rip the head off of something.  There was a Santa doll on the stage some fan had tossed up there and she ripped it’s head off with her teeth.

“I do like Christmas,” she admitted while holding up the doll, “but for those of you feeling lonely this Christmas, just to keep everyone happy…” and then Gaga bit off the head of the doll.

Then she smashed the rest of Santa with her stiletto heel, screaming,

“I hate the holidays! I’m alone and miserable, you f**king dumb bit of toy!”

Boo on you Gaga.

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