Season Finale! Survivor Nicaragua WINNER is Crowned

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Tonight the winner of a less than exciting season of Survivor has been crowned.  Sure, this one had some good moments, but I can say that the casting for Survivor Nicaragua left much to be desired.

The fact alone that two people quit, in the same episode no less…. NaOnka and Purple Kelly…. well, come on.  They never should have been on the show to begin with.

Let’s just hope and pray that they do a much better job from here on out selecting the “characters” for a normally fantastic show.  I love Survivor, and I have since season one.  So I guess that’s why I get so pissed when the quitters make it on the show.

Is anyone else annoyed that Dan is still standing?

The final five came down to Holly, Fabio, Sash, Dan, and Chase.  My first choice of WANT, would be Fabio.  The one person I absolutely do not want to see win is Chase.  He is such a liar and overall douche bag, I can’t even stand the sight of him at this point.

If Dan wins, that’s pathetic.  Being pathetic isn’t a good strategy nor should it be rewarded.  I don’t really like Sash, but I give him props for lasting this long.  Holly annoys me a lot, but she’s a fighter and would deserve to win.  I believe Fabio is the perfect Survivor and no, it’s not because he’s “Fabio”…. I like his heart and drive, and when he cried over his mom, well….. that did me in.

So who’s going to take home the $1 million prize and the title of Sole Survivor?  And who’s America’s Favorite Player?  Check back here shortly for the answers!

Good luck to all five and here’s to a better cast next season…. well you know it will be… thanks to Russell and Boston Rob!

**UPDATE** Well that couldn’t have turned out any better… for my wishes!  Congrats to Fabio on winning the title and the cash!  Jane won America’s Favorite Player and took home the $100,000 prize.  Congrats to her as well!

The next season of Survivor is going to be EPIC.  Just you wait!  Until then…….

Photo: CBS

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